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Padenghe sul Garda

Tra storia e presente, un luogo ricco di emozioni

There are traces of Padenghe sul Garda that date back to probable prehistoric settlements; however, the first village was abandoned at the turn of the 10th century AD, when the Hungarians pushed the population into the hills, where the castle was built. Since 1154, when it was mentioned in a document written by Federico Barbarossa, Padenghe was a Ghibelline stronghold, disputed between Brescia and Verona. After the demolition of the castle in 1509, Padenghe was exposed to looting by the German imperial soldiers from Verona. Subsequently, Padenghe gave birth to famous personalities, such as the painter Andrea Giovanni Bertanza and the Zuliani brothers, the one jurist and the other doctor. During the resurgence, the volunteers of Tito Speri took prisoner at Padenghe, March 28, 1848, the Austrian general Schonhals, fleeing from Brescia. Between 1928 and 1947 also Moniga and Soiano were part of Padenghe, later recognized as autonomous municipalities.

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Market day

Saturday afternoon

Festivities and events

Festa di Sant’Emiliano 22nd November


Ospedali di Desenzano del Garda - Località Montecroce


FARMACIA – BERETTA DR. MARIO Via Giuseppe Verdi, 5



Port / Station

PORTO – Via del Porto, 9