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Tremosine sul Garda

Tra storia e presente, un luogo ricco di emozioni

A prehistoric station was identified by Arturo Cozzaglio, in Pieve, at the top of the climb of the Port Trail; Prehistoric objects came to light in Castello, Lis and Calvarice. Testimony of a settlement of Etruscan hypothesis is the plaque found in the bell tower of the church of Voltino and now held in Brescia: 40 x 40 cm, bears a bilingual inscription, partly in Latin characters, partly in indecipherable characters. Among the tombstones of the Roman era there is the one now walled in the capital at the junction for Ustecchio; at the same time two mortuary urns with coins of the I - II century were found. A.D. 1287, For the possession of Tremosine war breaks out between Brescia and Trento. 1426, Like the rest of the Riviera del Garda, Tremosine passes under the domination of the Venetian Republic; Tremosine is part of the Quadra di Gargnano. 1797, with the Treaty of Campoformio the dominion of the Serenissima ends. 1807, A flood of the Tignalga stream destroys the village of Campione, causing damage and victims. 1815, with the Vienna Congress Tremosine becomes part of the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom. 1859, with the end of the II War of Independence Tremosine becomes territory of the Kingdom of Sardinia. 1861, Tremosine becomes part of the Kingdom of Italy, on the border with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 1896, A Campione begins the construction of the Feltrinelli cotton mill; 1913, After years of work, the Porto-Pieve-Vesio road opens, allowing the connection between the hamlets of the plateau and Lake Garda. 1915, with the outbreak of the First World War, in Tremosine, in particular in Vesio and in the mountains towards the Ledro Valley, thousands of Italian soldiers settled; Passo Nota is the headquarters of the Command of Subsector IV bis, dependent on the I Army. 1931, the Gardesana road opens between Riva and Gargnano; it is the end of the isolation for Tremosine.

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Market day

Tuesdays at Campione di Tremosine

Festivities and events

Festa di San Giovanni Battista 24th June


Ospedale di Arco Viale dei Capitelli, 48


FARMACIA – VALZELLI DR. PIERO Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto,2


Port / Station